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Off-line processing | Archival

Three Sun Blade 150 workstations, located in B-65, can be used for off-line data processing. The workstations share the same remotely mounted user directories, so the changes you make on any one of them will apply to all three.


Logging in for the first time
Starting VNMR
Running VNMR for the first time
Saving your files in VNMR
When you log in for the first time:
To prevent VNMR from changing to strange colcors:
1.    Quit all windows except the icon bar on the bottom of the screen
2.    Log out
3.    Log in again

Starting VNMR:
1.    Right click on the desktop which opens the "workspace menu"
2.    Click on tools -> terminal
3.    In the terminal window type: vnmr

When you run VNMR for the first time:
From the command line type:
1.    newuser

To save your files in VNMR:
If you want to access your files from other computers you must save them in the folder /export/home/your_username/vnmrsys/data or /data/ your_username.This directory should be the default. To check if the directory is set correctly, from the command line type:
1.    pwd
2.    If the answer is not /data/your_username then
a.    type cd ('/data/your_username')
b.    Click Main Menu -> DATA
then save your file by typing
3.    svf

To save your your plot as a PostScript (PS) file:
1.    Change to the directory that you want to save your plotfiles
2.    plot as usual, but do NOT click or type page.
3.    type page('')

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