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Click for high resolution image Location B-63
Software VNMRJ 1.1C
BioPack available on request.
Console 4 RF channels, 2 fully broadband. Observe and decouple all nuclei. Triple axis high power gradients, suitable for diffusion measurments.
Standard probe H{C/N} with XYZ-PFG. Optimized for observation of 1H with simultenous decoupling of 13C and 15N. Not suitable for direct obsercation of 13C and 15N.
VT: -20 to +80.
Alternate probes C/N{H} with Z-PFG. Triple resonance probe for direct 13C and 15N observation with 1H decoupling. VT range: -80 to +150.
Purpose This instrument is expected to provide access for analysis of complex and concentration or mass limited samples as well as diffusion experiments.
Access Users with access to the INOVA 500 now have access to the new 600.
Sign-up rules No reservation limits.
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