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Click for high resolution image Location B-73
Software VNMRJ 1.1B and VNMR 6.1C
Console 3 RF channels, 2 fully broadband. Observe and decouple all nuclei. Single axis low power gradients, not suitable for diffusion measurments.
Standard probe 1H/19F/C13/31P autoswitchable with Z-PFG. Optimized for observation of heteronuclei and also suitable for observation of 1H.
Observation of 19F requires no probe tuning or filter changes.
Observation of 31P requires changing the 1/4 wave line, but no probe tuning.
The probe may be tuned to other muclei.
VT: -20 to +80.
Alternate probes 1H{13C,X} with Z-PFG. Optimized for observation of 1H while simultaneously decoupling 13C and another heteronucleus. This is the ONLY probe we have for unique experiments such as 31P decoupled 1H/13C HSQC or 3D 1H/13C/29Si chemical shift correlation. Please contact us if you have a complex system involving heteronuclei.VT: -20 to +80
Purpose In the short term, this intrument will be used for routine 1H, 13C, 31P and 19F spectra. Since it is equipped with an autoswitchable probe, 19F spectra require no hardware adjustment and 31P spectra require only minor modifications. In the future, this will be the primary instrument for time intensive experiments, such 1D 13C observation, low temperature work or kinetic studies; or where the use of a special probe is neccessary.
Access Anyone with access to the MERCURY 300 has access to the INOVA 400, as well.
Sign-up rules Periods of up to 1 hour with max 2 hours/user/day and max 4 slots/user/day between 8 am and 8 pm. 24 hour advance reservation. Overnight runs are allowed starting at 8 pm. Overnight times can be reserved 3 days in advance.
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