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Instructions and handouts:

DescriptionHTMLPDFLast update
Running 1D spectra on the Varian spectromtershtml pdf02/09/2011
Correct sample positioning on Varian spectrometers pdf05/02/2011
Detailed instructions on locking Varian spectrometers pdf02/09/2011
Tuning high-field Varian spectrometers (500, 501, 600) pdf05/02/2011
Running 1H spectra on the Bruker ARX-300html pdf06/18/2005
Correct sample positioning on Bruker ARX-300pdf05/02/2011
Low resolution GC-MS on the JEOL GCMatepdf 05/21/2009
Fixing Inactive spectrometers html09/28/2004
Restarting frozen VnmrJ pdf09/29/2010
Guide to common gradient shimming problems pdf02/18/2011
Transferring files from the server via SFTP (Varians)html09/29/2010
Transferring files via the NMR fileshare (AV500 & MS)html11/04/2016

More to come. Let us know what else you would like to see here.

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