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ARX 300
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Click for high resolution image Location B-69
Software XwinNMR 2.5
Console 2 RF channels. Observe and decouple all nuclei. No PFGs.
Standard probe BBO. Optimized for the observation of heteronuclei but also suitable for observing 1H.
VT range: -150 to 150 C
Alternate probes QNP. Capable of observing 1H and 13C/31P/19F. Pneumatic heteronucleus switching under computer control.
Purpose This instrument is expected to provide walk-on access to 1H and heteonuclear experiments for routine samples. It is also suitable for exploratory studies on heteronuclei (B, Al, Si etc.) when the superior sensitivity of the 500 is not required.
Access You must know how to operate a Bruker spectrometer running XwinNMR 2.x in order to gain access to the ARX. You may request training by contacting Ivan Keresztes.
Sign-up rules Short periods during the peak hours of 8 am to 8 pm. Overnight runs after 8 pm. Occasional long periods if warranted with advanced permission of facility staff.
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Questions, concerns, comments? Contact Ivan Keresztes, B-54, 255 0709,