Plate Reader, NanoDrop and Departmental IR Access Instructions

The plate reader, NanoDrop and departmental IR have been moved to Olin Lab B-77 to increase physical separation between users of these instruments and the polymer facility in B-78. To access the room, you must retrieve a physical key from B-78 because the card reader to B-77 is dead. You MUST follow these instructions when using these shared resources as long as Cornell maintains physical separation requirements. For your own safety and the safety of everyone else in the user community, do NOT deviate from these procedures.

If you have been recertified to use the NMR facility, your ID card should get you into B-78. If you have not been recertified for NMR, please contact Ivan or Tony to enable your card.

Main differences to pre-pandemic SOP:

  1. The instruments have moved to B-77

  2. You must get the key to B-77 from B-78

  3. You need to reserve the ROOM (not the instrument) before you go there

  4. You need to wear face coverings and clean gloves AT ALL TIMES or the facility could get shut down again

Important reminders:

  1. Labs are limited to single occupancy.

  2. You MUST wear EH&S approved face coverings in the lab AT ALL TIMES, even when you are alone. This requirement allows us to operate without a delay between individual users. Unless you want to start waiting an hour after the previous user to enter the room, cover your face.

  3. Clean disposable gloves MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES while in the labs. This requirement allows us not to disinfect the equipment after each user. Unless you want to start waiting for us to disinfect the room before you can enter, wear gloves.

Before leaving your lab:

  1. Reserve B-77 for in Bookings. You will not be charged for the reservation, we simply need to make sure that we don't have multiple people showing up at the lab at the same time. Feel free to make consecutive reservations if needed.

  2. Don an EH&S approved face covering if you are not already wearing one. You must wear the face covering for the entire time you are in the instrument rooms, even when you are alone.

  3. Grab two pairs of disposable gloves but do NOT put them on

Travelling to B-77/B-78:

  1. Go to the basement so you arrive within the first few minutes of your reservation. Do NOT arrive early.

  2. Observe CCB requirements when moving within the building:

    1. If you are physically able, limit use of elevators to trips of three or more floors to minimize waiting. Obey elevator occupancy limits.

    2. In stairwells, the person moving up has the right of way. A person moving down should stop and wait on a landing to maintain distance from the person going up.

Getting the key from B-78:

  1. Tap your ID and open the door to B-78 using your elbow/forearm to press the handle. Do NOT use your hands. Do NOT try to enter B-77 with your ID. The card reader doesn't work.

  2. As you enter B-78, the key to B-77 is on the wall to you right. Do NOT take the key, yet.

  3. Go to the sink inside B-78 and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. (Be gentle with the faucet handle, it splashes when opened too far.)

  4. Put on your disposable gloves. If you forgot to bring gloves take a pair from next to the sink. If we are running low on gloves, please let us know.

  5. Wearing gloves (do NOT use bare hands) retrieve the key from the wall and exit B-78.

  6. Use the key to enter B-77 through the east door (farther from the elevators) that does not have a card reader.

Inside B-77:

  1. Remember to wear your face covering and clean gloves at all time while inside, even when you are alone.

  2. When you are done, go to the west door (closer to elevators) and open it with gloved hands.


  1. Hold the door open with your foot and/or body, remove ONE glove properly and toss it in the garbage can.

  2. Hold the key to B-77 in your gloved hand and take your ID out with your other hand.

  3. Scan your ID and open the door to B-78 using your elbow/forearm to press the handle. Hold the door open with your foot.

  4. Return the key to where you found it.

  5. Once outside B-78, remove the remaining glove and throw it away.